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Loading... isn’t just the best Hip Hop site around; it’s also one of the fastest growing sites of its kind.

Mp3cog offers engaging musical content monthly to upwards of a Thousands of unique users, largely comprised of the highly sought after 18-29 age demographic. We serve as an ideal platform to reach consumers and a top internet outlet to advertise products and services, or promote songs, albums, mixtapes and videos.

Mp3cog resonates with an ever growing audience of young, internet savvy users and we make it very simple and efficient to reach your audience.


We have IAB standard banners available at 460×60, 728×90 and 300×250. Other larger formats are now available; just inquire when you contact our advertising team.

Banners can be configured as ad specific, geo-targeted by city, state and country with all available formats. Banner advertisements are sold on either a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions) or for fixed campaigns.


To discuss custom integrations, skin takeovers and sponsored artist opportunities, contact our advertising team and discuss some of the many options available.


We have created a unique method of advertising or marketing your product in order to reach your old and new customer online (if internet should be a country; it will be the biggest continent)

These days everybody uses internet day in day out and we are going to target your new/old customers with the use of

  1. Social media: like Facebook, Instagram and what’s app; throughout your campaign on our platform we keep In Touch with your user on social media in the sense of running a sponsored content on this social media platform mentioned above.
  2. Web Banners: we are going to place your banner(s) on our website, your banner is made visible to any user who uses our platform(Currently we enjoy over 5,000 page vies) that is to say in a day you reach to over 5,000 users and in a month you reach 150,000 which over 50,000 are new users.
  3. Email banners: every week we send out newsletters to over 1500 emails and your business banner will be attached to the newsletter we send weekly.
  4. Video adverts: the world is moving into visual messages and we at cogmusic has ravaged on this method to reach out to users on both Facebook and YouTube with the use of visual content to engage and entertained our users.
  5. Automatic blog post: you can have a unique page on our platform that tells more about with you do so that interested customers can easy find or locate your office.
  6. Whats app messaging: Everybody these days use whatsapp for communication and other internet transactions, we have been able to secure over twenty thousand (20,000) active whats app subscribers who we message on weekly basis , we will advertises your company or business to them on our weekly messages to them.

Let us show you what we can do

If you’re interested in advertising on mp3cog , please email us at or Call Us +2347064695292 It is our mission to deliver unparalleled customer service and make advertising on mp3cog the simplest and most efficient way to buy highly targeted advertising impressions online.

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