Can zoro make it? when we have the likes of Phyno?


Can zoro make it? when we have the likes of Phyno?

Can zoro make it? A question that need to be Answered

Well it sounds crazy asking two question under one topic, that’s the situation at hand which demand double attention; it can be a very difficult one to answer but I encourage you to read this till end to find out if Zoro would be able to make it when Phyno is still on the game.

It Is very difficult to choose from when you have two best indigenous rappers who represents the streets,

A popular Nigerian quote says and I quote “All man for him lane” there is no doubt about that, but when it comes to music and music business there are some angles you would look at to arrive to your final destination or even chosen a celebrity to love, so today I would be discussing on some criteria that will judge if Zoro can make it when we have the likes of phyno.

Below are some of those criteria

  1. Street representing
  2. Lyrics writing
  3. Rhyming


Street representing: Every Nigerian rapper has what he/she represents; looking back to the Nigerian rap industry, the likes of Da-grain and Mr. raw these two icon represents one thing “Street”. The young upcoming nigerian rappers represent the street.

The likes of Zoro and phyno they have really represented the street the way they understand because they all grew up in 042 which is capital of all the street here in Nigeria, you might ask how they have all represent the street. I will make reference to tracks for both artists.

Zoro – Achinkolo:  looking at the whole concept from the video shooting you find out the environment and dressing was totally #street in nature, the dance steps didn’t in one bit showcase any atom of #shaku-shaku etc, the dance steps were all traditional which represents street.

Zoro – Ogene:  I guess ogene video should win an award for featuring almost half population in Enugu, ogene video was 100% street representing because it was shoot on the streets,

Do you think zoro is the man of the street?


Phyno – Obiagu:   #obiagustreet this stands out of all street performance from Phyno, because it gives you a strong heart, you feel motivated when you know and see all your guys from the street stands with you even in times of trouble that’s the motivation behind obiagu (a strong heart) from the street.

Phyno- connect:  who doesn’t know about connect? If you don’t I guess you should not be called a fan of phyno, connect was truly a street anthem in the year 2015 which was and still remains a motivational instrument for the street (will talk more on the motivational aspect on the lyrics writing) the bottom line still remains “connect is truly an 042 jam”

Do you think Phyno is the man of the street?



Lyrics writing: this is a factor most rappers fail to pass, they fail to accept the fact that rap has a routine to follow and when you move out of the track you have failed to communicate. The essence of lyrics is to communicate to your fans using music “I wonder if Terry – G do write lyrics” in the accept of lyrics writing

zoro most times has the key but he misses the punch lines but phyno has the punch lines but most times he fails to communicate “Take fuwa sewa” as a case study; good punch lines but lyrics is missing, when you fail to take the lyrics into consideration the meaning is lost and if the meaning get lost there will be no adequate music communication, balancing the both give a boost to communication Ask olamide;



Rhyming: music is all about rhythm and rhyme; when you fail to get any of them right then your rhyming won’t have meaning; let look at the meaning of rhyme: (of a word, syllable, or line) have or end with a sound that corresponds to another. With this definition we can arrive to a conclusion in our topic of discussion, is zoro the rhyme god or phyno?



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