Falz attempts Fela on “Moral Instruction,” he failed (Album Review)


Unpopular opinion; “Moral Instruction”isnt close to anything Fela. The comparison even made me feel, perhaps Fela is overrated. OK, that’s a crazy thing to say, right? He suffered and literally laid his life to birth a culture we all lay claim to, today. Don’t blame me, blame Falz – oh,and yeah, Twitter.


I shouldn’t be too mad, though, wince Wizkid who “only sings about girls” is the one that often gets the comparison. They said Burna Boy. TBH, I really do respect the weed!

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It’s either just a Nigerian problem, or that’s how things are. This generation listens to music, critically. We don’t listen to catch a meaning from the song. We just want to hear what pitch goes wrong, when the beat went off and oh, when he sounds like Fela. Not like sounding like a legend is bad, in itself.


But when we care about Falz being the new Fela, much more than we care to listen and learn from the morals on the album, there is a problem.

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In the days of Fela Kuti when he addresses a major issue, people listen to his address. Today, we just want to know if he sounds like Fela. And you absolutely don’t have to sound like someone to get a moral instruction across. You could teach morals with Trap.


To say the least, look at the whole hype, the whole Fela thing before listening to the album and you’d probably find it almost empty. You’d only hear remakes of “Wehdone Sir” and “This Is Nigeria,” over and over. Falz just wanted to trend, again.


For one, whatever he was saying on that album was true, and he gets a thumbs up for that. He was angry when he had to be – he had to be angry all through, that’s right. But it wants fun enough to keep me glued through that short duration. Shame!


Johnny” sets the mood for the entire album, and talked about killings of innocent people. Anger, sadness, despair and above all, a hunger for hits (yeah, I hate him so much, duh). “Follow Follow” like most of others, has a message buried in its shade. Unfortunately, it’s not a seed.


Hypocrite” is quite a jam, Demmie Vee added flavor to it, but it’s still not the kind of track you’d be inspired to play the second time. Especially if you’re a hypocrite yourself, or you’re homophobic. Who are we to crucify the homosexuals? Really?


Talk” was better, out of this album. It wasn’t an obvious sample of Fela, and the beat is kinda what Falz would use, anytime. It’s still the core of this album, and it’s cool. Pretty cool.


“Brother’s Keeper” isn’t as boring as others like “Paper” (hook is fire, by the way) and “E No Finish.” Falz just spitting what he’s already said before, again. He’d still even talk of clergymen.


And the way he quickly adds Muslims, when he talks of Christians is too boring. He should go ahead and say “Oyedepo you don’t need those jets” and we wouldn’t even freak out.

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After all said and done, Reddish Abdulkareem sacrificed his career to diss the government, and we weren’t making a big deal out of he being Fela. But here we have a son of a rich statesman (read: politician) make us feel he’s Fela? Everybody is a motherfucking hypocrite!


Meanwhile, this isn’t even about Falz, it’s about Fela!


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