Monetize your Music using boomplay


How to make money from your music

Monetize your Music using boomplay.

On my post “How to make your first $1000 on your music using boomplay” I gave details on how you can promote your music which is already live on boomplay; On this article am just going to give you hints on how to get your song,album on boomplay with easy using Cogmusic entertainment.

I usually get messages from independent artist asking me how they can make money from their tracks or albums the answer is Boomplay; When your song or album is on boomplay you get paid per download.

How do i get me song to Boomplay?

Download this agreement form Here sign on the necessary space provided scan and send to us via  see sample on how to sign it Here

How much does it cost?

Price is much affordable You only pay once a year of N25,000 or $70.00 once you have signed the agreement and we receive it you a licensed to upload as many song with in 1 year you pay once per year.

How long does it take for my song to be active on Boomplay?

Your song is active within the next 7 working days

for help or guide chat micheal on:  +2347063695282 


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