How to make your first $1000 as an upcoming music artist: part 1


Make money with music in 2019!!!

We are using BOOMPLAY to make our first $1,000

Analysis as of 2018 released by boomplay says per download on their platform is 20 coin which is equal to 20 naira

So for every 2000 download is 100$ which is #36,400

So for you to make $1,000 you need at least 20,000 Download from boomplay.

Fear not because we are going to put you through on how to get more that 20,000 downloads

NOTE: This is not a get rich quick article; it requires time and effort.

Before I dig into the topic that made you open this article I would love to motivate you because you have decided to take make a fortune form your music career, there this African saying that before an upcoming artist make money from his song he must “blow” Or be in a record label; This is 21st century and things are moving fast secondly for you to try out a new update you must give it 90 days of your time to it; after 90 days and you didn’t see any good outcome then is not worth trying.

So moving on to the topic of the day I would first highlight things you need to get started and explain them one after the other so you need to relax and read through because is going to be a long ride.

Things you need to archive this success

  1. Smart Phone
  2. Internet connection
  3. Social media of your choice (Facebook , Instagram or twitter)
  4. Music monetizing platform (Itunes, Spotify, amazon music Boomplay)
  5. Time (Most important tool)

We recommend you use BOOMPLAY because it’s the largest in Africa and your target is mostly Nigerians


Smart Phone: these days we have affordable smart phones out there; so you don’t have any reason not to have any, so you might ask why smart phone? In a paragraph you need smart phone to reach out to your fans and friends, I will not explain much on that because these days even a 3-year-old baby can make use of one.

Internet Connection: You need internet to market your music online using your smart phone

Social media: This determine how far you can go on marketing and promoting your music, I will only focus on Facebook and what app; before using any social media of your choice make sure you have at least 1000 active followers because they determine how far you can go.

NB: Active followers are people who take action on your post like users who like, comment, share or download.


Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and there’s a good chance you’re already on it.

It was created by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who originally created the platform to keep tabs on the hottest chicks on campus.

Well, that’s one way to use Facebook. But these days, they’ve got a full-blown advertising platform and you can find groups built around practically every interest imaginable. If you want it to promote your music, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of.

Musicians sometimes ask whether they should have a profile, fan page, or both. We’ve covered this topic in another guide, but here’s the lowdown – you need both. Now, you can’t have a fan page without a profile, so that’s a moot point. But your profile can absolutely be leveraged to promote your works too.

I know, I know. You created a Facebook account to connect with your friends. You don’t want to clutter up their feeds with a ton of announcements or updates.

Trust me – most people aren’t seeing your posts anyway. Your thoughtfulness is going unrewarded. Posting more regularly is not a bad thing, and yes, you can even share about the same thing multiple times (just don’t do this with consecutive posts).

How to succeed on Facebook: Post something new, several times per day if possible. Share your posts on your fan page to your personal profile. Interact with the community. Join and participate in groups. Upload videos to Facebook (in addition to YouTube). Use Facebook Live and advertise your top performing posts.  I also talked more on Best Social Media Platforms For Musicians


Most of the upcoming artist only use this platform to chat or keep themselves busy but they forget that they can convert friend into a fan, Take Note “your friend is not your fan” it might shock you that half of your what app friends don’t have 2 of your track on their phone. So you need to deploy a strategy in converting your friends to be your fan, I will talk on this in my next article update “How to convert your what app friend to fan”. I believe at the rate and standard you have reach on your music career you must have at least 50 what app fan who are ready to share your music with their friends. So always reach to them through

  1. What app status: most what app users spend more time in watching their friend’s status but they still don’t chat that friend of theirs so always update.
  2. Sending direct messages: Most People abuse this DM in such a way that their friends mute them in order not to get notification from them; so is advisable to send DM 3 times a week. Let say you are working on a new track update your friends that you are working on new stuff, once the track is out update them and give them access to where to get the track. NB: don’t overdo this because they will get tired


Music Monetization Platform: Yes, Itunes is a big company with other music stores, but have you ask yourself; How many of my fans are in this platform?  & How many of my fans can afford to buy my song for 2$ or more?

That brings us to the general store BOOMPLAY

What is Boomplay?

Boomplay Music is a media streaming service developed by Transsnet Music Limited. The service was first launched in Nigeria in 2015 by TECNO mobile, as Itunes and other music platform pays independent or signed artist that’s the same way boomplay pays artist who’s song are on boomplay.

Before you started reading this post we have made some calculations on how to make your first 1k$ using boomplay ; to get your song on boomplay contact 07063695282

Time: Every business has time of growth so your music is your business so while doing this that I have mentioned above please give it time to grow.


Now that you have read and understand what you need to get started now the main question is how do I start?

I strongly believe that you want to start making money from your music business but there are first things first which is

YOUR FAN BASE!!! This steps I have stated above depends on how large is your fan base; if you have at least 1000 loyal fans then you are good to go but if not you need to work on getting or growing your fan base.

In my next article I will share with you how to grow your fans base within 6 month

On How to make your first $1000 as an upcoming music artist part 2 I will show you how to get 20,000 downloads from boomplay using Facebook and what app


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