Jpegmafia Feat. Eyas – The Who


JPEGMAFIA Drops The Product Of Nude Beat-Making, “The Who”

JPEGMAFIA returns with a new single called “The Who,” featuring the vocal stylings of Eyas on the hook. “It didn’t end up on the album, but I always wanted to use it in a creative way because I really enjoy the song,” he explained, in a statement to Pitchfork. “There’s an innocence to it that I hope is relatable to people. I made the beat naked.” While it’s unclear whether a producer’s clothing or lack thereof holds a tangible influence on their beat-making ability, perhaps there’s ground for further examination.

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Perhaps the carefree nature with which he crafted the instrumental explains his lyrical content throughout. “I write a hit while I’m taking a deuce,” he boasts. “Upload and get twenty-views.” Laden with video game sound effects, including a plug from the ever-ebullient Navi, JPEG accuses The Who of selling out for reasons unknown. Shots fired. He also navigates his whimsical synth work like a practiced vet, flitting about his the self-crafted instrumental with a seemingly paradoxical combination of jadedness and curiosity.

Check out the Veteran session loosie now, and sound off below.

Quotable Lyrics

Blessings for you
I write a hit while I’m taking a deuce
Upload and get twenty-views
I’m in the struggle for real, you know I struggle with truth




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