Meet Akaz the Beat master


Akaz The real definition of beat and instrumentalist

If you love good music and good beat then you must know Akaz, else you are new in the music world.

Born as Akachukwu Joseph on September 10 Popularly known as Akaz aka Akaz on the beat loading, born Anambra (Nnewi) Brought up   United Kingdom, studied at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

Akaz is known with is unbeaten tunes with in Anambra and across the nation, he ventured in to music as far back 2008 as a keyboardist which brought him to so many to the lime light of performing on sate with flavor on one of his hit track Na Abani as far back 2008, though akaz has started music production as of 2008 but he was not in full time commitment.

The year 2010 he drops his career as a keyboardist and ventured into music production and mastering which brought him a contract with his current record deal with JYD as a producer and as an artist, JYD which is based in UK,

Akaz has done many records with many Nigerian artist like Kool – P on a track titled “Eze – nku ” with the popular igbo rapper phyno, and also The remix of Oma mme by kool p feat Zoro. Many other tracks by akaz includes:

  1. DJ Dayboy Ft. F’Boyy Noni – D Body
  2. SOV – Banana

With many more.

Many music fans and artist would love to known Him even if you have not met with him, we conducted a little interview with him, below are Things you still need to know/learn about Akaz



Mp3cog:  Are You single or married or in a relationship?

Akaz: HAHAHA, well? I really don’t know the real definition of being single or married, or otherwise, that’s left for you to figure out, “Is a confidential issue”

Mp3cog: Why did you move into sound production?

Akaz: Well I moved into sound production because is was my calling, and I also went to school of music in Uk, so I guess that’s why I ventured into that, though am still a full time keyboard master #wink

Mp3cog: Why did you leave UK for Nigeria?

Akaz: I left UK Because their music style don’t fit in with what I have in mind, though I still work as a producers in JYD which is based in UK too so I didn’t leave UK in the other #smiles

Mp3cog: Working with the likes of Phyno , Zoro kool – p and flavour; how can you describe that?

Akaz: Well the feeling was great, that’s the only way I can describe that, though working with them was cool and awesome at a point.


Mp3cog: being the C.E.O of salt entertainment how has the work been so far; managing your production work alongside your entertainment firm

Akaz: The work has not been easy, but I try as much as possible to balance the equation as a manager and as a producer.

Mp3cog: Any last words.

Akaz: I really want to S/O to other producers and artist out there to keep the vibe going and keep the hustling tight.

Are you an artist and you want your next single / album to meet the standard of distribution what are you waiting for, meet Akaz today or call him on 0703 036 4146



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