Moral Instruction A message from falz to Nigerians (Album review)


Someone needs to speak out; and falz has

Most nigerians youth might not know why falz choose to speak out for us, let’s go back to history falz, Folarin Falana might ring bell in some people ears, yes his falz father a lawyer and a human activist who ended up many times in prison during Abacha regime.

Moral instruction covers all the aspect of the nigerian struggles from the government to citizens at large  the church are not left out in this mastermind art from falz,

1. Johnny: this my best track list from his album where he talked about nigerian youth service in nigeria and how young nigerian youth keep losing their live serving their fathers land, in the hand of Nigerian force men.

should Service corps be scraped out from certificate to be acquired, drop your comment below;

2. Follow Follow:  This a direct message to nigerian youth; few month ago PMB made a comment on “Lazy Nigerian Youth” as the titled sound a warning to nigerian youth who has nothing doing to work out for something to show not to be used as instrument of political messengers.

3. Hypocrite:  According to wiki “Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence, in a general sense, hypocrisy may involve dissimulation, pretense, or a sham” this is a hidden message on this Hypocrite, a direct message to politicians and nigerians encouraging us to be brothers keepers.

4.Talk: This is the beginning of his sermon on moral instruction, a tip of icebox.

5.Amen: who should we be afraid of? the pastors or the politicians; amen a message sent to churches around the globe, they are meant to secure,save and advice but it turn out to be the other way round, pastors taxing members buying new cars trading around and not carrying out their duties as pastors.

6.After All Said and Done: The whole message is written :-

After all said and done
I do not have the right to direct the finger of guilt
Or the look of comtempt at my guy
For even I can barely see through the speck in my eye
I say this to say
That we all have a part to play
Ni to to ati shi no
A ti gbe gba gi
A ti ko lu jangba
Awa yi odi de
A wo si te si waju
Nitori kpe
After all said and done
We are still the most resilient bunch
If we can redefine love and remember the meaning of humanity
Maybe then we can restore the sanity
If we remember to react
And repeatedly refuse to be content with mediocrity
Only then can we be FREE!




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