Queen Key – Can’t Take It


Queen Key Glows Up In The “Can̵7;t Take It” Video

Queen Key is too smart to be taken lightly, too fly to be passed over. Watch the “Can’t Take It” and you’ll be left reeling with those thoughts. Those who saw her SWSW showcase up close in personal, are probably too stricken to carry on speaking. The window for rap ascendancy in Chicago is wide chosen, at least that she’s chosen for herself.

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Cast in a shade of blue reminiscent of a nightclub scene in a Hype Williams’ production, “Can’t Take It” is shot in a little control room that paints her the boss of her syndicate. After all, she is the Queen Key, and her forthcoming album title is Eat My Pussy Again, highly suggestive of a me-first attitude many of her suitors would be happy to tolerate. With all that said, rappers like herself, Da Baby, Sada Baby, and Young Dolph are opening up the culture to a new disposition headlined by good humor.

Quotable Lyrics:

‘Cause these bitches can’t even rap for real
From the concrete I rose, hoes daffodils
Separate me from these bitches, Jesus
These hoes ain’t cut, and I’m really bleeding, I’m really breathing
I’m a writer, not a biter
Don’t insult me with no weak shit.


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