ottawa, Canada’s Jeff Sanon has more love to give. After grabbing our attention last year with his fire ode to SZA on “Miss Solana,” the singer/rapper/producer returns with a new rhythmic bop titled “This Luv.”

Inspired by reflections on a past relationship Sanon channels a ‘So Far Gone‘ Drake to address the longing to rekindle a love that got away.

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“Used to be like ooh yeah that’s my baby, that’s my lady,” he sings. “Wanna give you good vibrations / Girl I’ve been a good guy lately / Won’t you come back and have my baby / We should just spaz, go half on a baby.”

Speaking about the vulnerable track, Jeff explains: “I felt a change and shift in the universe, so I got to work. Through producing and writing this song, I allowed myself the luxury of reminiscing on an old relationship while being completely vulnerable, transparent and honest with myself about the present.”

It’s unknown if his lady gives him another chance, but Jeff assures his love interest that he won’t be giving up his attempts.

Take a listen below.


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