Trevor Jackson – Puddles


Trevor Jackson Previews New Album With “Puddles”

After starting the year off with a strong slew of tracks that included a pre-Drake update to Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love” track and his own “Warning” cur, Trevor Jackson has now unleashed the second single to come off his forthcoming Rough Drafts, Part 2 project with “Puddles.”

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As is his modus operandi, Trevor is addressing a lady of interest, making reference to carnal pleasures and using the track’s title as an implied comparison left for us to read between the lines. Once more, Jackson is proving himself to be a lasting voice in this arena, bearing a torch particularly ignited by the likes of Trey Songz and Chris Brown for comparison’s sake and he does it well.

Lend your ear to “Puddles” down below.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m singing in the rain
Just dancin’ to the noise you’re makin’
I just love when we make love
This here ain’t somethin’ that I could make up


Download : Trevor Jackson – Puddles



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