Warm Brew Feat. Wiz Khalifa – Player Way

Player Way

I do things the Player Way

The California trio Warm Brew isn’t the most trending group on the West Coast, but if you have been sleeping on them, it’s time to wake up. Warm Brew dropped off their album New Content back in October of 2018, and they are continuing on their promo run with a new video for the single “Player Way. The single features Wiz Khalifa, who takes control of the chorus with a melodious party energy. “Player Way” has an instrumental that is a perfect mix of electronic and hip-hop, merging a pulsating synth with hard hitting bass.

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Tristan Zammit and Alex Sarazosa take full responsibility for the animated music video. The visuals are reminiscent of Speed Racer, and the music video was also blessed with a mini video game. To play the OutRun inspired racing game, click here.

Quotable Lyrics
It was plenty bad hoes in my hotel suite, yeah
Plus my whole clique so that’s like two bitches a piece
They ain’t tripping on no niggas we ain’t trippin’ on police no
Call up room service from that five star corner bistro yeah


Download : Warm Brew Feat. Wiz Khalifa – Player Way



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