With “Tina,” Mezz is probably Imo’s next star (Review)

From the intro, you could hear a mini-Mr Eazi, but as he starts singing you’ll almost hear RunTown. That’s what you get when your boy Mezz jumps on a mid-tempo Afrobeat.
Every day, new artists from every corner are springing up. Some are talented, some are not, some got the packaging, some don’t. Whichever way it turns, in the end, we know not everyone will blow. And the sad reality is, not everyone is even promising.
But when you listen to guys like Mezz, even of its for the first time, you know this is the kinda guy that you can have on numerous hits, that you can take an album from.
It’s the festive season already, and you’d expect every jam that drops now to be some party vibe or Zanku stuff. Well, “Tina” isn’t any of that. It’s just afro-pop, the “pon pon pon” vibe is active, and the beat is banging.
The track has catchy hooks, that is repeated all through, and is easy to memorize (anyone thinks this is RunTown?). His verses were kept simple, some Eazi stuff. But the point where he was singing “odo ewe”, you’ll know the tune isn’t regular. And yeah, this ticks all the box for a Christmas hit!
Mezz is the next-rated (I know you were expecting that.) The songbird is from Imo, and his real name is Franklin Chimezie. After listening to “Tina,” I instantly knew there is more this guy can offer. You’ll agree, if you’ve listened to it. If you haven’t, I’m sorry, you’re wrong.
Watch this space!
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